Nobby X True Izakaya
Nobby X True Izakaya
About Soon
Vibrant nobby yet true Izakaya Soon is located in Armada Tower 2 in JLT — one of the largest residential areas in new Dubai. Soon isn’t breaking the original code of genuine Tokyo-raised Izakaya,
routing to the origins of the sake stay-in-drink and eat shops but is following a strip-and-build approach by delicately infusing the new age
meanings focusing on mixology, music, and lighting design.
Soon is inspired by Japanese anime and cartoons, 1980s aesthetics, gaming and karaoke culture. This Izakaya is created by the OY Hospitality, whose main goal is to develop venues for local abos, who search for new dining experience. Combining veritable Japanese cuisine with neoteric pop culture, Soon becomes a completely new go out destinations for foodies, socialites, party fans and cocktail lovers.
Brian Hoang has created the food menu for Soon paying homage to the 1980s Japanese pop culture. The menu is an interpretation of the energetic Tokyo watering holes where work-weary locals go to eat, drink and escape real life.

First of all Soon emphasizes Japanese classics, but also supports worldwide food trends and follows Dubai high-end expectations. Every Soon visit is going to be an inspiring cultural journey, which will bring new gastronomic experience and stunning entertainment pleasure for the guests.
The Head Bartender of OY Hospitality Dima Olenin has curated the beverage program. Composing a cocktail carte Dima was bearing in mind Japanese vibrant cities, true Izakaya traditions, iconic cartoons, anime stories and the 1980s cyberpunk vibes. This kaleidoscope of associations reflects SOON DNA and goes beyond worldwide beverage trends.

Dima supports the tendency to create simple mixes, using just a few ingredients, but with deep fulfilling taste and catchy impressive serving. The drink menu also includes Japanese pilsner-style draft beers (almost always one of Asahi or Kirin), various sours (for example lemon mixed with shōchū and soda water), chūhai, an extensive menu of cold and warm saké (more correctly known as nihonshu in Japanese), and shōchū.